The Forcellinos

Records may also be indexed as Forcellini, Fursolini, Frisolini, Furosolini, etc.

  1. Pietro Forcellino & Maria Campadella
    1. Emilia Forcellino & Vito Rosiello
  2. Francesco Forcellini
    1. Vincenzo Forcellini
    2. Pietro Forcellino & Sofia Scannapieco
      1. Francesco Forcellino & Mary D. Antenucci
      2. Mary Evelina Forcellini & Frank Donatucci
        1. Silvia Donatucci
    3. Genaro Forcellini & Mary Duratore
      1. Mary Forcellini
      2. Frank Anthony Forcellini & Sylvia E. Pisani
        1. Doris Forcellini & Pete Mosher
          1. David Mosher
    4. Alfonso Forcellino & Lucia Maria Gatto
      1. Genarro F. Forcellini & Elvira Cardone
      2. Francis Forcellini


  1. Debbie Tabor-Hoffman Reply

    I’m desperately trying to contact Antonio or Maria, both art experts on Michelangelo. I have what I’m certain is a 5ft by 7ft Michelangelo. Oil on canvas, it is signed first and last name, dated May, 1540. The paint was analysed by Microtrace. It has 7 Papal seals. Micheal’s statement of events on the back forming a giant M B, and dedication to Cardinal Pole. Doc. in Thomas Vaughans’ [Cardinal Poles’ servant] bio, its huge size hindered their return trip to England. Also stated Pole was building a gallery to house his paintings at Lambert Castle when he died, leaving all his possessions to Alvise Pruille, according to Archbishop Parker, Poles’ replacement, Alvise refused everything. Vatican had it but doesn’t reply. SS 43 and Hitlers’ handwriting on subjects, indicates it was probably traded by Pius XII, to save the remaining Roman Jews after Hitler refused gold for their lives. Hitlers’ psychopathic profile indicates he would only stop if he received something he wanted more than every Jews’ destruction. Antonio found doc. in Ercoli Gonzagas’ papers according to Michelangelo Revealed. Every archive was checked, Hitler no longer trusted Goering in 1943, which explains subjects identity s written on them. Anyone could have brought it here, but the auction rumor was that it was from Mami Eisenhowers’ estate. No doc. How could it be returned. Please help.

    • Dear Debbie,

      Thank you for your comment. Can you please tell me what Antonia and Maria you are searching for so that I can try to assist you?

      • Debbie Tabor Hoffman Reply

        Hi Kristin. Antonio and Maria Forcellino, both art historians. Maria lives in Solerno, but teaches in Amsterdam. Both are Michelangelo experts.

        • Debbie,

          Unfortunately the Forcellino line of my tree is one I have had great difficulty in researching. I have not been able to find many records and do not know of a sure way to contact Antonio or Maria Forcellino.

          Please do keep me in mind if you find any contact information. With their expertise on art history they may also have valuable information on their family history.

          Best wishes!

  2. Marty Reply

    Hi Debbie, I know Antonio & Maria. Contact me & we can go from there.

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