The Cucciniellos

  1. Giuseppe Cucciniello & Anna Riccio
    1. Mariantonia Cucciniello & Raffaele Nazzaro
    2. Pellegrino Cucciniello
    3. Sabino Cucciniello & Grace Chiarolanza
      1. Carmena Cucciniello
      2. Francesco Cucciniello
    4. Nunziata Cucciniello
    5. Generous Cucciniello & Catarina Vassalo Di Vito
      1. Joseph & Lucia Cucciniello Nargisio
        1. Nicola Cucciniello
        2. Alfonso Cucciniello & Vincenza Preziosi
        3. Alfredo Cucciniello
        4. Zelinda Cucciniello
        5. Nicolino Cucciniello & Sabina Del Gaudio
        6. Immaculate Cucciniello & Errico Elia
        7. Filomena Cucciniello
        8. Palma Cucciniello
      2. Sabino & Luisa Cucciniello Giella
      3. John Cucciniello & Monaca Francavilla
        1. Sabina Cucciniello
        2. John Cucciniello
        3. Rosina Cucciniello
      4. Palma Cucciniello & Sunday Nacca
      5. Vito Cucciniello & Antonia Lorito
        1. Generous Cucciniello & Madalena Rosiello
          1. Hugo Cucciniello
          2. Antoinette Cucciniello & John Fragetti
            1. A. Fragetti
            2. G. Fragetti
          3. Vito J. Cucciniello
          4. John Cucciniello
          5. Cucciniello Henry & Elaine Nocita
            1. Madeline Cucciniello
            2. Michael Cucciniello
            3. Paul Cucciniello
          6. Emilio Cucciniello
          7. Joseph & Angela Cucciniello
            1. Cucciniello
        2. Pasquale Cucciniello
        3. Sabina Cucciniello
        4. John Cucciniello
        5. Filomena Cucciniello
        6. Errico Cucciniello
      6. Antonio Cucciniello
      7. Alfonsina Cucciniello
      8. Filomena Cucciniello & Vincenzo Alviggi
      9. Alfonso Cucciniello
      10. Alfonsina Cucciniello


  1. Sam Cucciniello Reply

    My grandfather was Sabado (Sam). He married Lucy Biondi. They lived in Newark,N.J. They had two sons,Vincent and Alfred. My father was Vincent. They visited Atrapaldo in the mid 1970’s to visit family. Also born were 4 daughters; Ester,Edith,Louise and Millie. There’s another part of the family that’s from NJ that spells their name without the second “I”. I believe they are cousins. My wife,Nancy, had submitted her genealogy to My Family Tree. I’m not sure where we fit into your timeline. I have a copy of my grandfather’s birth certificate, I’d have to locate it.

    • Hello Sam,

      Thank you for contacting me. Do you know who the parents of Sabado Cucciniello? If you were able to find his birth certificate that would be of great help. I will try to look into it as well if you have an idea of when/where he was born. It would be great if your line connected to mine!



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