The Audleys

The following paragraphs are mostly borrowed from 350 Years of American Ancestors, Thirty-Eight Families, 1630-1989, by Mary Coates Martin.

John Audley and Margaret Brager came with the Winthrop Fleet of 1630. Eleven Vessels brought “The Great Emigration”. Founder of the Audley family in America, John was not a Freeman until 1634. One of the very first inhabitants of Boston, his name was found as No. 139 in the register of the First Church of Boston. He became one of the richer inhabitants and lived to be the oldest or one of the oldest citizens. John Audley’s descendants are eligible for membership in the Hereditary Society of ancient and Honorable Artillery Company.

The name Odling/Odlin/Audley is restricted to comparatively few families in america. It still appears as Odling in the London Director. Boston town and church records show name Odlin is spelled: Odlin, Odlen, Audlin, Audlyn, Audling, Audley, and Awdley.


  1. William Audley & Agnus
    1. William Audley & Alice
      1. William Audley & Joanne
        1. Agnes Audley & Mark Williams
        2. William Audley
        3. John Audley & Elizabeth Wilby
          1. John Audley & Margaret Brager
            1. John Audley, Jr.
            2. John Audley, Jr. & Martha Holmes
              1. Hannah Audley & Jonathan Davol
              2. John Audley & Lydia Tillinghast
                1. Patty Audley & James Maxwell
                2. Martha Audley
              3. Robert Audley
              4. Elizabeth Audley & Nicholas Mosher
            3. Ann Audley & Hon. Jeremiah Clark, Jr.
            4. Elisha Audley & Abigail Bright
              1. Hannah Audley
              2. Mary Audley
              3. Abigal Audley
              4. Mary Audley
              5. John Audley
              6. John Audley
            5. Peter Audley & Hannah Sharp
              1. Audley
            6. Hannah Audley & Jeremiah Burnstead
        4. Joane Audley
        5. John Audley
        6. Elizabeth Audley
      2. Joan Audley
      3. Agnus Audley
    2. Joan Audley
    3. Elizabeth Audley
    4. Audley
    5. John Audley

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