Evenes is a Municipality in the Ofoten Region of Nordland county, Norway. Named after the old Evenes farm (Øyvindarnes) where the first local church was built, Evenes started as one of two parish districts in the municipality of Ofoten – the other being Ankenes.

On July 1st, 1925, Ofoten was split making Evenes and Ankenes their own separate municipalities.


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  • Austervika
  • Ballangen (Separated 1925)
  • Bogen
  • Botn
  • Buvatnet
  • Dragvik
  • Evenes
  • Evenesmarkja
  • Forra

  • Kleiva
  • Laksaa
  • Lenvik
  • Lenvikmarka
  • Liland
  • Sommarika
  • Tarnstad
  • Veggen

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  • Mountain Climbing — Breathtaking views can be found at the mountains near Bogen, which appear to rise straight to the sky from the fjord. Lilletinden, the highest mountain, measures 1137 m, and can be climbed without climbing equipment year round.
  • Strandvatnet Lake (aka Strandvand) — A Meromictic lake, surrounded by mountains near Bogen. Meromictic lakes are relatively rare, containing layers of water which do not intermix.
  • Trollkirka (aka Troll Church) — One of the longest limestone caves, it drains all of the water of Arfinn, with no evidence of how the water exits to the ocean. Trollkirka is a promising destination for the avid adventurer full of excitement, delight, and awe.

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Current Location

Evenes is located on the northern shore of the Ofotfjord (Narvik Fjord), an inlet of the Norwegian Sea. It sits just south of Skånland, Troms, west of Narvik, and east of Tjeldsund.
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