There is no set rule that has been followed for records storage over the years in Italy.  Records are kept in many different places.  In addition to the resources listed below, many records have also been kept in churches.  The Italy Catholic Church Records collection by can be of great help.

Palermo Marriage Records: 1820 — 1885

The records below are in Google Docs Spreadsheet format and were created from files originally compiled by Hugh Tornabene. The same information, along with data for marriages between 1886-1905 are also available on his site in text and XLS format.

Palermo Marriages 1820 — 1835
Palermo Marriages 1836 — 1845
Palermo Marriages 1846 — 1855
Palermo Marriages 1856 — 1865
Palermo Marriages 1866 — 1875
Palermo Marriages 1876 — 1885

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Palermo Birth Records: 1896 — 1905

The records below are in Google Docs Spreadsheet format and were created from files originally compiled by Hugh Tornabene. The same information is available on his site in text and XLS format.

Palermo Births A — B
Palermo Births C
Palermo Births D — E
Palermo Births F — G
Palermo Births H — K
Palermo Births M
Palermo Births N — Q
Palermo Births R — S
Palermo Births T — Z

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Palermo Records by Family Name

I have started a project of reorganizing the information that Hugh Tornabene has found and indexing it by family name. These files will include both the births and marriages for a particular family name for all mentioned years. The first family name I’ve completed is Scaglione.

Scaglione Births 1896 — 1905 & Marriages 1820 — 1885
Curcuru Births 1896 — 1905 & Marriages 1820 — 1885
Palazzolo Marriages 1856 — 1885

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Requesting Civil Records from Palermo

State Archives of Palermo

State Archives of Palermo (Photo from Archivio Di Stato Di Palermo website)

According to Provincia di Palermo Sicily on RootsWeb, “Most Italian records reside in one of two places, the local Ufficio di Stato Civile and the provincial Archivio di Stato. Other records are also found in the Ufficio di Anagrafe and the local Catholic church parishes.”

You can use the Italian Form Letter Generator from Circolo Calabrese to order these records. It will use the information you enter to generate a letter in Italian in the necessary format.  They also offer tools for follow-up letters.

Ufficio di Anagrafe
(Registry Office)
Comune di Palermo
90144 Palermo PA
Tel. 091.7405200, Fax. 091.7405524

 | Translated to English
Archivio di Stato di Palermo
(State Archives of Palermo)
Corso Vittorio Emanuele, 31
90133 Palermo PA
Tel. 091.2510628, Fax. 091.5080681

 | Translated to English

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Maps of Palermo

Media & Reference

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