Kolbuszowa Parish Records

Recently I ordered 4 rolls of microfilms for Kolbuszowa Poland from to continue research on the earlier generations of the Koczoń & Markusiewicz lines of my family.

I have been capturing the records in these films by copying them in my notebook, taking photos of them on the screen, and printing them out. Organizing and entering the data has been quite a task and I am nowhere near done. I have been entering everything into a Google Spreadsheet I had previously created for organization of Koczon related records. The images below are photos of the microfilm screens taken with my DSLR. I have not reviewed or digitized the records in these shots yet but wanted to go ahead and share them. I’d love to hear if you find anything related to your family!

The Microfilms Film/DGS
Akta urodzeń 1791-1819, 1821-1830, 1861-1867 939970
Akta urodzeń 1831-1859, 1866-1870 939971
Akta małżeństw 1791-1830 939972
Akta małżeństw 1831-1859, 1861-1870 939973




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