Gallery—Mo i Rana

Mo i Rana is the administrative center of the Rana Municipality in Nordland County, Norway. It is the largest city in Helgeland Traditional Region. It is the second largest city in Nordland county and the fourth largest city in all of Northern Norway. As of January, 2011, Mo i Rana has 18,141 inhabitants. It received city status in 1997.

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Wilton Carpet Museum

Antoine Dominique Dufosee

I’ve been researching my 9x great grandfather, Antoine Dominique Dufosee, born in France in the early 18th century. He worked as an artisan/carpet weaver at Savonnerie Manufactory on the Quai de Chaillot. Savonnerie was established in 1615 by Pierre DuPont and became the most prestigious European manufactory of knotted-pile carpets.

Antoine was one of two french weavers from Savonnerie Manufactory that were smuggled to England in 1740 by Henry Herbert, the 9th Earl of Pembroke. Antoine and Pierre Jermaule were brought to Wilton to establish the carpet industry there. In 1742 the factory under the direction of Antoine Dufosee was granted a patent for the exclusive rights of producing cut pile carpet in England.

New Lineage Lists (from Cucciniello to Winiarski)


I’m happy to announce that new Lineage Lists are posted for the following surnames:

The Cucciniellos

Focused on the Cucciniello family of Atripalda, Italy, starting with Giuseppe Cucciniello (b. 1783) & Ann Riccio whose great grandson, Generoso Cucciniello (b. 1888) married my 2nd great grand aunt, Madalena Rosiello (b. 1897).

The Curcurus

Focused on the descendants of Vincenzo Curcuru & Rosa Vitale from Cinisi, Italy, the great grandparents of Domenico Curcuru (b. 1891) who immigrated to the USA – settling in St. Louis. Domenico was the husband of Mattia Indelicato (b. 1890).

The Dobyns

Focused on the descendants of James Reed Dobyns (b. 1814), fifth great grandfather to my brother and sister. Born in Kentucky, James Reed Dobyns moved to St. Louis where he married Sarah Mary Craft.

The Forcellinis

Focused on the Forcellini family of Cetara and Agropoli, Italy, starting with my fourth great grandfather, Francesco Forcellini. Research on this line is focused around the extended family of my third great grandmother, Emilia Forcellino (b. 1875) from Cetara, Italy, who immigrated to the USA in 1912 and married Vito Rosiello (b. 1873).

The Lindsays

Focused on the ancestors of my maternal grandmother, Penny Williams, this line of the Lindsay family originated in Scotland. Starting with Sir Alexander Lindsay, my 23rd great grandfather, this line includes many historically documented individuals, such as David Lindsay, 1st Earl of Crawford (b. 1360), and Elizabeth Stewart – Princess of Scotland & Countess of Crawford.

The McNaughtons

Focused on the McNaughton families of Perthshire & Angus, Scotland, this line focuses on the descendants of David Brough McNaughton (b. 1796), second great grandfather of Robert G. Westrom (b. 1925). David’s son William Gorrie McNaughton (b. 1828) was born in the Carse of Gowrie.

The Mullins

Focused on the descendants of my eighth great grandfather, Abraham Des Moulins (b. 1655), who was born in Paris, France and immigrated to Jamestown, Virginia in 1700. He was husband to Rachel Broret (b. 1663) from London.

The Starks

Focused on the descendants of my 11th great grandfather, Sir John Stark (b. 1540) from Glasgow, Scotland. This line of the Starks immigrated to New  Hampshire and Virginia, and includes Major General John Stark of New Hampshire (b. 1728)  referred to as Revolutionary John.

The Winiarskis

Focused on the Winiarski family of Kolbuszowa, Poland, starting with my 9th great grandfather, Szymon Winiarski (b. ~ 1640). This family line ties into many other families from Kolbuszowa, including Markusiewicz, Dudzinski, Burkiewicz, and more.

Working with Places in Family Tree Maker

Today I am writing today about ‘places‘ as recognized by’s Family Tree Maker. I’m currently in the process of resolving all place names and have run into some problems with locations of various types not being recognized by Family Tree Maker.

  • Historical towns, counties, countries
  • Numerous locations in Sweden & Norway
  • Unincorporated townships

For many of these instances, I have moved the name of the township or parish into the description and selected the less detailed name of the location. Doing this does have a downside – if it is a town that isn’t recognized and not a parish, you then lose a level of detail in your tree when viewing strictly locations and not the related description.  (more…)