The Dufossés from Grébault-Mesnil


Yesterday cousin Jasmin found an 1861 article from the Salisbury Journal about the Wilton Carpet Factory. Not only did the article mention Anthony Dufossy but also that he was from the French Netherlands. This is the most specific information we’ve found about his origin and if true would mean that Antoine Dominique Dufosee was not from Saint-Germain-en-Laye but much further north.

We are now researching the Dufossé family from Grébault-Mesnil, a small commune two hours north of Saint-Germain-en-Laye. There was born an Antoine Dufosse on 24 Apr 1703 to Marie Deray and Pierre Dufosse, a weaver. So far we have found the following records though most have yet to be transcribed:

  • 23 Jul 1702: Marriage of Marie Deray (orphan) & Pierre Dufosse
  • 24 Apr 1703: Baptism of Antoine Dufosse, son of Pierre Dufosse & Marie Deray
  • 20 Jul 1705: Baptism & Death of Marie Jeanne Dufosse, daughter of Pierre Dufosse & Marie Deray
  • 30 Aug 1707: Baptism of Francois, son of Francois Delassoille* Marie Dufosse
  • 24 May 1709: Baptism of Pierre Hazard, son of Pierre Hazard & Antoinette Dufosse
  • 6 Feb 1711: Death of Jeanne Le Clery, wife of Pierre Dufosse**
  • 19 Apr 1711: Baptism of Catherine, goddaughter of Marie Dufosse
  • 29 Jul 1712: Possibly death of Pierre Hazard, son of Pierre Hazard & Antoinette Dufosse
  • 20 Nov 1714

Family Structure

Family Tree of Pierre Dufosse

Family Tree of Pierre Dufosse

Family Tree of Marie Deray

Family Tree of Marie Deray

Media & Reference

*Surname of Francois, husband to Marie Dufosse, could also be Delastoille or Delenoille
**Both Marie Deray & Jeanne Le Clery are recorded as being married to a Pierre Dufosse; Further research into these marriages is needed. The Le Clery name is also recorded in Huchenneville parish records


The Delafosses from Saint-Germain-en-Laye


I have found many new records while researching the origin of Antoine Dufosee this morning with cousin Jasmin. Here is a list of the findings for the Delafosse family from Saint-Germain-en-Laye.

Name Birth Marriage Death Father Mother
Francoise Delafosse 19 Feb 1710
to Jacque Zeunin
Index | Record
Nicolas Delafosse Margt. Mignot
Nicolle Louise Delafosse 24 Apr 1707
Index | Record
Dec 1712 Jean Delafosse Nicole Goddard
Marie Louise Delafosse 21 Dec 1708
Index | Record
29 Apr 1710
Index | Record
Jean Delafosse Nicole Goddard
Francoise Delafosse 1 Jun 1708
Index | Record
Charles LaFosse 1710


Media & Reference


Gallery—Mo i Rana

Mo i Rana is the administrative center of the Rana Municipality in Nordland County, Norway. It is the largest city in Helgeland Traditional Region. It is the second largest city in Nordland county and the fourth largest city in all of Northern Norway. As of January, 2011, Mo i Rana has 18,141 inhabitants. It received city status in 1997.


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