New Lineage Lists (from Cucciniello to Winiarski)


I’m happy to announce that new Lineage Lists are posted for the following surnames:

The Cucciniellos

Focused on the Cucciniello family of Atripalda, Italy, starting with Giuseppe Cucciniello (b. 1783) & Ann Riccio whose great grandson, Generoso Cucciniello (b. 1888) married my 2nd great grand aunt, Madalena Rosiello (b. 1897).

The Curcurus

Focused on the descendants of Vincenzo Curcuru & Rosa Vitale from Cinisi, Italy, the great grandparents of Domenico Curcuru (b. 1891) who immigrated to the USA – settling in St. Louis. Domenico was the husband of Mattia Indelicato (b. 1890).

The Dobyns

Focused on the descendants of James Reed Dobyns (b. 1814), fifth great grandfather to my brother and sister. Born in Kentucky, James Reed Dobyns moved to St. Louis where he married Sarah Mary Craft.

The Forcellinis

Focused on the Forcellini family of Cetara and Agropoli, Italy, starting with my fourth great grandfather, Francesco Forcellini. Research on this line is focused around the extended family of my third great grandmother, Emilia Forcellino (b. 1875) from Cetara, Italy, who immigrated to the USA in 1912 and married Vito Rosiello (b. 1873).

The Lindsays

Focused on the ancestors of my maternal grandmother, Penny Williams, this line of the Lindsay family originated in Scotland. Starting with Sir Alexander Lindsay, my 23rd great grandfather, this line includes many historically documented individuals, such as David Lindsay, 1st Earl of Crawford (b. 1360), and Elizabeth Stewart – Princess of Scotland & Countess of Crawford.

The McNaughtons

Focused on the McNaughton families of Perthshire & Angus, Scotland, this line focuses on the descendants of David Brough McNaughton (b. 1796), second great grandfather of Robert G. Westrom (b. 1925). David’s son William Gorrie McNaughton (b. 1828) was born in the Carse of Gowrie.

The Mullins

Focused on the descendants of my eighth great grandfather, Abraham Des Moulins (b. 1655), who was born in Paris, France and immigrated to Jamestown, Virginia in 1700. He was husband to Rachel Broret (b. 1663) from London.

The Starks

Focused on the descendants of my 11th great grandfather, Sir John Stark (b. 1540) from Glasgow, Scotland. This line of the Starks immigrated to New  Hampshire and Virginia, and includes Major General John Stark of New Hampshire (b. 1728)  referred to as Revolutionary John.

The Winiarskis

Focused on the Winiarski family of Kolbuszowa, Poland, starting with my 9th great grandfather, Szymon Winiarski (b. ~ 1640). This family line ties into many other families from Kolbuszowa, including Markusiewicz, Dudzinski, Burkiewicz, and more.

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Working with Places in Family Tree Maker

Today I am writing today about ‘places‘ as recognized by’s Family Tree Maker. I’m currently in the process of resolving all place names and have run into some problems with locations of various types not being recognized by Family Tree Maker.

  • Historical towns, counties, countries
  • Numerous locations in Sweden & Norway
  • Unincorporated townships

For many of these instances, I have moved the name of the township or parish into the description and selected the less detailed name of the location. Doing this does have a downside – if it is a town that isn’t recognized and not a parish, you then lose a level of detail in your tree when viewing strictly locations and not the related description.  (more…)

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Wedding of Millie D'Agosto & John Germano

Photo Restoration

I am deeply passionate about family photos, especially those of generations passed. These photos give a face … a feeling to an ancestor that we may never have had the chance of meeting. They connect the memories of past and present and should be cherished and preserved. Unfortunately, once these photos are lost there is no way to replace them.

Restoring these photos digitally is a way to preserve them in a format that can be saved forever. I have helped others with their photos in the past and am always open to doing more. If you are able to and interested in making a donation it is greatly appreciated, but I do not charge for this service. It is something I do because I feel it is important and not everyone has the ability to do it themselves.

If you have an old photo that is close to your heart and is in need of repair or restoration, please contact me and I will try my best to help.

Sample of Work

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New Lineage Lists!

I am excited to write that I have posted some new lineage lists for surnames on the Maternal side of my ancestry.

The Audleys

Focused on the descendants of my 10th great grandparents, John Audley (b. 1602) and Margaret Brager (b. 1610) who came to the United States with the Winthrop Fleet of 1630. John Audley was one of the first inhabitants of Boston, Massachusetts.

The Holmes

Focused on the descendants of my 10th great grandparents, Reverend Obadiah Holmes (b. 1607) and Katherine Hyde (b. 1608) who came to the United States in 1638. Obadiah was a known religious leader, punished for his beliefs with, among other things, a public whipping that left him seriously injured for weeks. He was also Abraham Lincoln’s 5th great grandfather.

The Kennedys

Focused on the ancestors of my 7th great grandmother, Rebecca Kennedy (b. 1771), wife to Josiah Ashurst (b. 1760) and mother to Mary Ashurst (b. 1795) who is the 3rd great grandmother of Margaret Frances Penny (b. 1922), my great grandmother. This line of Kennedys descends from Ireland.

The Plantagenets

Starting with my 27th great grandparents, Geoffrey Plantagenet, V (b. 1113) and Matilda of England (b. 1102). Geoffrey was the son of Fulk, King of Jeruselem and in his lifetime held the titles of Duke of Normandy, Count of Anjou, Touraine and Maine. Matilda held the title of Holy Roman Empress and was the daughter of King Henry I of England and Matilda of Scotland. Their son, Henry, founded the Plantagenet Dynasty.

The Tillinghasts

Focused on the descendants of my 12th great grandfather, Sir Robert Tillinghast (b. 1540) from Sussex, England. This line of the Tillinghast name includes Sarah Tillinghast (b. 1777), referred to as the first vampire of Exeter, and  Julia Ward Howe (b. 1819), prominent American abolitionist  and author of ‘The Battle Hymn of the Republic‘.

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The Eleanor Crosses

Today I want to write about the crosses of Eleanor de Castile, first wife of my 23rd Great Grandfather, Edward Plantagenet, I, King of England.

A Marriage of Love

Born in Spain in 1241, Eleanor was 13 when she married Edward at the monastery of Las Huelgas. Unlike many arranged marriages of the time theirs was humorous and loving, with Edward being one of the few medieval English kings to remain faithful in marriage.

On Easter Monday each year, Edward would let Eleanor’s ladies trap him in his bed so he could then pay them ‘ransom’ to run to Eleanor’s bedroom on the first day after Lent.

Eleanor succumbed to illness in the fall of 1290 while traveling with Edward. They were headed to Lincoln but made it only as far as Harby, Nottinghamshire. On November 28, 1290, after 36 years of marriage, Eleanor passed away with Edward at her side.

The government halted for three days following and her body was buried in Westminster Abbey on December 17, 1920.

Edward followed her there, a journey of approximately 150 miles. For each town they stopped in at night Edward erected memorial crosses for Eleanor – 12 in total. These crosses, now referred to as the Eleanor Crosses, symbolized King Edward’s grief at the loss of his beloved wife.

Her organs were brought to Lincoln Cathedral, buried in a tomb ordered by King Edward as a duplicate of the tomb at Westminster … her heart buried in an elaborately constructed commemorative monument at Blackfriars.

On the following Easter Monday, Edward continued the tradition of paying ‘ransom’ to Eleanor’s ladies, though she was no longer there to run to. Years later, Edward married Margaret of France. He named their only daughter ‘Eleanor’.


whom living we dearly cherished,
and whom dead we cannot cease to love.
- King Edward seeking prayers for his lost wife


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Updates – The Davidsens

In addition to greatly expanding The Davidsens lineage list, many new individual pages have been added! Pages are currently being created for various descendants of David Abrahamsen. I will then be moving up one generation to create pages for all of the descendants of Abraham Amundsen & Kristine Olsdatter.

New Individual Pages:

  1. Christine Oline Davidsdatter
  2. Maren Davidsdatter
  3. Kristen Edvard Davidsen
  4. Martin Norgren Davidsen
  5. Elise Didrikke Fredrike Davidsdatter
  6. Anton Johan Bertin Davidsen
  7. Karen Leonora Davidsdatter
  8. Johan Davidsen
  9. Eminda Kristine Davidsdatter
  10. Gitte Johanna Davidsdatter
  11. Anders Christian Davidsen
  12. Ellev Bertinus Davidsen

More to come soon!
♥ Kristin

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